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Epoxy floor paint is becoming the new found way of repairing and restoring damaged and stained concrete floors. Epoxy is also known as epoxy resins, epoxy polymers or simply epoxy. This revolutionary new floor coating is made of highly formulated chemicals that bond together in a molecularly precise manner, thereby creating a nearly impossible surface with incredible structural strength. The chemical bonds provide a strong chemical resistance to corrosion and temperature change which is why it is able to withstand extreme temperatures from hot weather to cold weather, and even from liquids like gasoline or oil.

If you have any kind of garage flooring, industrial flooring, residential flooring or even retail flooring in your home or business you might have heard of epoxy floor coating. It has become an increasingly popular floor coating due to its unique characteristics and benefits. It is becoming more popular each and every day with professional installers and do it yourselfers alike because it is not only very effective but can also be a relatively inexpensive option. One of the major benefits that this type of coating brings to the table is that it provides superior protection to any surface, not just vinyl or wooden floors.

If you are looking for a high performance surface for your garage, home, office or retail space there is no better solution than epoxy resin coating. These floors will offer superior protection against all kinds of weather. Even in hot climates where other types of flooring may have failed you can rest assured that your new self-leveling epoxy flooring coating will be more than able to hold up to the conditions found in your garage or home. While most all hard surfaces will eventually sustain some degree of damage from being constantly wet or being exposed to high traffic your epoxy coating can greatly reduce this.

The resiliency of these floors also makes them very easy to install. Because of the advanced synthetic materials used during the manufacturing process your floors will have an extremely high tolerance to extreme temperatures and never develop cracks, gouges or other types of damage. This means that you can install this type of flooring in any area where a lot of moisture or heat is present. These epoxy floor coatings can also withstand chemical spills and stains, making them an excellent choice for restaurants, commercial kitchens and other work areas where food and drinks are prepared. This means that if your restaurant does not use a self-cleaning sanitizer you will not have to worry about having to implement stricter sanitizing protocols during your routine floor cleaning procedures.

If you need a very durable garage flooring system that is also highly resistant to moisture and has very high resistance to abrasions, then you should look into purchasing from one of the many epoxy floor paint suppliers that are available on the internet today. Some of these suppliers even offer installation options so you can have the greatest looking flooring system without spending the time and money to do it yourself. You can have a beautiful metallic floor that will last for years and can even be refinished over again without worry because the coating will hold as good as new.

Epoxy floor paint suppliers in Cape Town can ensure that you get the best products available in the world today. Whether you need floors for a home, commercial kitchen, hospital, shopping centre, industrial business park, industrial building or car parking garage these specialists coating manufacturers can ensure that you get what you want with quality and durability. Because of the high demand for these types of floors in Cape Town for many well known name brand companies such as Behr, Carvalho Brazilian Flooring and Mannington have established their business in South Africa. These companies can provide you with professional design services at competitive prices that make them an excellent choice for your next project. So if you need a superior flooring system that is durable, looks great and is easy to maintain then it is time to visit one of the epoxy floor paint suppliers in Cape Town.

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