Music Studio – Drum Lessons For Kids

Drum lessons are an excellent way for kids to build confidence and develop essential music skills. At the same time, children learn important life lessons like perseverance and creativity. Whether your child wants to become the next drummer in their school band or just want to play music for their own pleasure, our experienced team of instructors can help them reach their goals.

Our drum and percussion classes are fun, engaging and results oriented, designed to give your child the foundation they need to play music for a lifetime. Your child will work with a dedicated, nurturing teacher who will build their self esteem and teach them essential rhythm and musical skills that they can apply to any instrument. They will also be able to experience the excitement of sharing their musical performance with family and friends at our monthly concerts.

All drum students learn to read standard The Music Studio drum lessons notation, rock, jazz and Latin drum beats and drum fills as well as how to create their own improvised rhythms. We encourage our students to bring in recordings of songs they wish to learn so that we can incorporate those into their lessons. The more consistent a student is with their weekly lessons, the more progress they will make. It is important for young students to have regular practice sessions at home in order to maintain the new skills they are learning during their lessons.

For our advanced students, we focus on developing their independence as drummers. This means learning how to play drums without the use of a bass pedal, which is known as “legato”. We also work on building speed and endurance by playing faster and longer rhythms, and teaching them how to play in unison with other musicians. We also encourage our more advanced students to explore improvisational drumming, which is an exciting way for them to express themselves and their own individual musical style.

All of our teachers are professional drummers with years of playing and teaching experience. They are carefully matched with each student based on their interests, availability and skill level. Our studio coordinator, Julie, takes the time to get to know each of our students so we can pair them with the perfect instructor for their needs.