When is the Best Time to Sell Land?

A common scenario is that several siblings inherit and maintain farmland over the years, eventually getting to the point where they want to sell their ownership interest. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as enjoying retirement or paying off outstanding debt or helping out their more immediate family members. No matter the reason, this is a major decision and it will be impacted by many factors that should be considered. Often, the question that is asked is “When is the best time to sell land?”

The answer to this will vary depending on which Iowa farmland professionals you ask. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as farm incomes and profitability and land value changes. In general, according to the 2019 Iowa State University Farmland Value Survey, sales of farmland have been very slow this year. However, the authors of the report say that if land values continue to decline and farm incomes remain stable or increase, then the farmland market may begin to see an uptick in sales again.

Selling Sell land in Iowa can be a lengthy process, but there are several ways to speed up the sale process and maximize your return on investment. This may include savvy pricing, robust marketing, buyer incentives and more. One way to get started is by requesting a free property assessment from a trusted land solutions firm like Land Boss. They have the local market insight and resources to quickly evaluate your property and facilitate a quick sale.

A reputable land solutions company will take into consideration your specific circumstances and goals when determining the fair market price for your property. They will also analyze comparable land sales and determine the best avenues to market your property. With a streamlined closing process, you can expect to close within seven to 30 days, depending on how quickly you’d like to sell your property.

There are some disadvantages to selling land this way, but a reputable land solutions company will walk you through the entire process and address any concerns that you have. They will also help you avoid any potential pitfalls that can arise during the sales process, such as title issues or environmental problems.

If you’re ready to get a cash offer for your property, contact a trusted Iowa land solution company today. By leveraging their expertise and experience, you can skip the traditional year-plus timeline and put your acreage to work sooner. For more information, check out the latest market data and request a free property evaluation.