IPQS Affiliate Fraud Prevention Review

IPQS affiliate fraud prevention tools are trusted by the world’s leading Internet companies. They monitor high risk behavior and automatically stop automated bots, fake users and fraudulent payments. The solution helps to protect against abuse and lower chargeback rates. These tools are also ideal for any industry and can be integrated in less than five minutes.

The company focuses on fraud detection and prevention to help merchants avoid costly chargebacks and fraud. With over 300 data points, real-time fraud scoring detects suspicious activities and leads to action. This networked approach to fraud detection learns from hundreds of millions of transactions each day. It can be customized to fit your business needs and integrates with multiple third-party systems.

Affiliate fraud can take a huge toll on a merchant’s budget and reputation. A survey conducted by IPQS found that ad fraud costs marketers more than 35 billion dollars annually. Fraudsters use stolen personal information, spam campaigns, surveys and sites with plagiarized content. Using fake software, they can easily create accounts and complete repetitive tasks. When these methods are combined with lead generation, click fraud becomes a serious problem.

With a full suite of tools and a thorough understanding of theĀ IPQS affiliate fraud prevention ad industry, companies can protect themselves from digital ad fraud and other related issues. IPQS provides free and premium solutions for fraud detection.

Using a combination of automated and human analysis, IPQS prevents bad traffic and redirects quality traffic. IPQS measures clicks, email, phone numbers, location and more. Each user’s profile is analyzed and a score is assigned based on the level of risk. As a result, businesses can ensure that they only promote legitimate leads to their target audience.

IPQS offers a wide range of custom scoring settings. Start with the lowest setting and adjust based on the risk level of your users. IPQS provides detailed reporting on user activity, as well as the option to upload bulk.csv files for retrospective operations.

In addition to its standard functionality, IPQS offers a Premium Account Feature to determine if non-human traffic has recently used an IP address for automated fraudulent behavior. It returns a fraud score, and if abuse is a problem, it will flag the IP for additional investigation.

IPQS affiliate fraud protection tools also analyze and verify the legitimacy of emails. In addition to email validation, IPQS uses machine learning and blacklists to block bad actors and prevent the misuse of accounts. Their fraud prevention solutions are designed to solve complex abuse issues for any industry.

IPQS also offers an advanced user portal. Whether you want to use its API endpoints for proactive protection or manually submit data through JavaScript tags on landing pages, IPQS has the tools to make you and your company safer online. If you’re a publisher, you can use the API to block invalid clicks from suspicious brokered channels.

IPQS also offers a variety of premium blacklists. Each one provides increased accuracy for response data. Combined with a fraud score, this service can reduce the impact of aggressive competitors.